Thursday, 19 January 2012

London Perspective Collection 2011

Hey everyone! This post has been long overdue since I joined Aristotle Liu
and Sam for a London photo walk last year in August. Finding the time to edit, buying a house and looking after my 3yr old son full-time simultaneously was a difficult challenge! lol 

Anyway, we started our walk on the Millennium bridge, and briefly met up with fellow Flickr photographer, Kwabena Agyei. We then moved on to Tower Bridge, Covent garden, and on to Leicester Square for some pie and mash for lunch! Yummy! :)

All in all, I got some pretty cool shots on the buildings, somewhat limited to the lens I was using. I could have done with a 70-200mm lens for far away shots to accompany the 12-24mm wide angle! Never mind, this year I really want to do a London Tube series, concentrating on the London underground's tunnels and escalators. Until next time...


PS. Next weeks Blog past will be featuring Jack Frost;s creations in my garden! Stay tuned!


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