Friday, 8 January 2010

Please have a seat...

Its soo cold here in the UK at the moment - the worst winter freeze in 40 years apparently...some parts of the UK hitting temperatures of -18 degrees!

Well, i like the freezing conditions, its good for your skin, the snow makes the place look so idyllic, you can have soo much fun with the children, take lots of beautiful winter shots, and look forward to going home to a warm, comfortable home in the evening after work! Bliss!!

I do MISS Summer though, so I'm posting an archive image of a beautiful view myself and my hubby came across whilst walking along the quiet roads in Whipsnade Zoo....please, have a seat and remember the warm Summer days :)

(Click image for large size)


  1. That's a beautiful summer capture, great green wide open and marvelous blue sky!
    We have a lovely weather most days of the year, and I watch eagerly at the snowy winter sceneries and wish that I could capture those kind of pics too... I guess I'll have to fly to Europe first...

  2. What a beautiful landscape capture - love it!

    ( - I wouldn't mind one week of snow! :) ... just one week would be more than enough, though!)

  3. Thanks my dear sisters :)
    I guess we all need a delicate balance of all types of weather to really appreciate the seasons.


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