Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Let's Go Tropical!!!

With all this freezing cold weather, let's go tropical with a pineapple!
I took this before Christmas Eve, feeling a bit bored, I found my way to the fruit bowl and saw this very small pineapple, and it was very small! I took a top shot of the leaves - not sure why but this came out wonderfully and after processing it - the leaves just jumped out! :)

(View large for the details - click on the image)


  1. Amazing DoF and wonderful tropical tones! Love your point of view of this incredible tasty fruit!

  2. Thanks sweetie :)
    Next time I will put Danbo in the picture too!

  3. Watch out for those leaves, won't want to poke your eye out :~)

  4. I wear glasses Louis - no problem!! haha

  5. Beautifully captured and processed, friend!
    In Brazil, there is an expression: "I have a pineapple to peel" , which means: I have a problem to solve. In Charleston, the pineapple is a symbol of "welcome!" - hostess would slice pineapples and serve it to their guests to let them know they were happy to have them! - I love pineapples :)

  6. Wow Dani - some very interesting facts about pineapples, thanks my friend! :)

    I LOVE pineapples too - I ate loads of fresh ones when I was pregnant!!


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