Monday, 7 December 2009

Running out of time!

Hey there peeps!

It's Monday once again, and I am already behind with my Blogs! So much to do and so little time...where does it all go I wonder..this shot was taken on one of the remote islands away from Hong Kong near the Giant Buddha statue. I have no idea why I take these kind of shots.. i do get a lot of strange looks from people. Who cares - they are busy shooting away at the Giant Buddha and there i am doing DOF shots of carved lanterns and fir trees!!

Enough of my ranting...enjoy! :)


  1. Hey this looks gorgeous Jann! Love the depth and details. :)Don't mind em people! :D

  2. I get funny looks all the time when I am shooting. The best thing is to walk off and then after a while turn around. I guarantee you will see people snapping away at exactly what you have just been shooting :o) Loving that Fabiela dof here. Beautiful shot

  3. I know what you mean - I get a bit self-conscious at times when I've got the camera right up close to someting and hanging out at some crazy angle. If only they could see the finished article -right?

  4. hi fabiela. this is antolin.
    i understand you! i would take those dof shots too instead of the typical landscape, yes. people usually looks to me like i am weird when i am making those shots hahahahaha!!!!!


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