Sunday, 6 December 2009

Dancing Queen

Hello there peeps! I hope you like my brand new spanking website! :0) 
Let me know what you think by leaving comments. 

Dancing Bokeh is the image I have posted today....and why you might ask? 
Well, have you ever had that strange feeling of hearing a song being played on the radio and suddenly thought to yourself, I've heard this song before but, how and where from? I didn't recall being a fan of this music when I was a teenager, why does this sound so familiar?? Yep, that was the question I was asking myself constantly and after doing some questioning around with my family, I discovered my late Mother's music taste! lol

Yep, my mother was a very big fan of ABBA, Cliff Richard, The Carpenters, Elvis, Bread, 70s Disco, The Shadows, Richard Clayderman and many more....Ahhhhhh, so that is where I've heard these songs before!! Back in the days of growing up as a toddler, little did i know what music was but never the less happily played along with the music in the background. 

Now...can YOU remember what type of music your parents were listening to when you were a little one? 

Would love to hear your stories....


  1. woo! not only ur amazing photographer but an amazing web designer too...Ur got some talent fabiela

  2. Thanks my friend - are you going to get one done also after you leave college?

  3. Hey Fabi! The website looks wonderful!
    Your photos are amazing and show really well here!

  4. Very nice website ! The photos are great, and the close-ups of flowers are especially awesome.

    Musically speaking, my most ancient memories are my father's vinyl records, especially Gene Vincent's "Be bop a lula". Knowing that I am still a rock'n roll fanboy, i'd say that your parent's tastes indeed do influence yours :)

  5. Cool site Fabi, did you produce this yourself? How hard is it to do, I would love to have a site like this to show off my piccies?

    Am loving your pics, they're awesome!

  6. Thanks Ran...

    Hi gypsy15, thank you!

    I actually designed my website but asked a friend of mine who is a web designer to build it for me as i know nothing about website building!! It took about two and a half weeks to design and build which is not too long - are you thinking of getting one done yourself??

    Try Smugmug - a lot of my contacts use this to have a basic website to showcase their work.

  7. Bokehlicious!
    I'm enjoying being here...

  8. The music my parents heard was most of it similar to your folks, that's because we are the 70's generation :)
    And I still love ABBA songs and so do my kids! We all saw the Mama Mia musical (and movie).


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