Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Processed SOOC!

Hey peeps! Glad you came on to my Blog to see the processed version of my earlier SOOC image on Flickr.
Not sure how I wanted this to turn out - in fact it was a really hard one to do because of the contrast. Originally I had purple tones in mind but it didn't look right so opted for the warm, Summer Evening tones instead. 

Original version above

Processed version

Some of you may agree that when a SOOC is really good, there is no need for processing.

Enjoy your evening and thanks for visiting!
You can leave a comment if you like :P


  1. Oh, I love the SOOC... but I adore what you did! Gorgeous golden tones and awesome crop. Fabulous treatment. You're truly an outstanding artist, friend!

  2. Beautiful tones! Great processing!

  3. I love the way you've processed--the warm tones are perfect.

  4. Hi Fabi =)
    it's me..
    I finally figure out
    how to comment on ur
    blog..lol =D

    This looks truly beautiful,
    looks a lot better than the original.
    I love the tone and everything...

    Luv it!! ^_^

  5. While the SOOC is certainly a technically & lovingly crafted shot--the tone, depth & detail you're able to cultivate using your artful, gentle tweaking...truly adds a rich layer of dimension to the photo.

  6. Nice blog, congrats!

  7. SOOC it too me Fabi!
    Haha good way to get some traffic. Let me know how it goes. I have about 5-6 ppl from Flickr come over to FB. I bet you can beat that though!

  8. I like how the processed version turned out.

  9. Great processing here Fabiela, Really like the crop and the colour!!

  10. The processed is just brilliant! Love the crop and the golden colors. :) Really beautiful work Jann! Oh I will fav it for sure :)

  11. Awesome I still like processing better thought but I think it really depends on how you view it..anyways major props on the processing

  12. I love your processing. SOOC looks great too but I think these tones give it sth more. Lovely :)

  13. Processing wins for me! I think the sooc looks a little flat next to the treated version and I much prefer the crop, so that the seed heads are not in the middle of the frame. Smashing work and great to see both together to compare

  14. You have to get a good starting point to produce such a great image - and your original SOOC is great - but the procesed image is my favourite.

  15. Very cool dear! looks perfect! and this blog! wow!

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  17. That's a wonderful processing and the tones you've choosen are so perfectly suitable!! Fabulous work and a great blog, my dear!!


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