Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Avatar 3D

Processed version of my house orchid - tried to create a cinematic feel to the image...
(Click on image to view large)

So, we have just returned from our X'mas vacation from France and the first thing I wanted to do today, was to go to the cinema and watch the film Avatar in 3D. WOW.
This film was rich visually, colourful, awesome in every aspect, apart from the storyline ;)

Then I read about more about the film on the internet - it took 15years to make (James Cameron was waiting for technology to advance to make his vision possible) and $200m+ to make!

The film was entertaining, but it left me with a sad impression of what our world is today....the fact that we can created a film as visually amazing as Avatar at a huge price but we can't put enough energy to look after our own planet, to save the endangered animals and habitats, to reduce the population....food for thought...let me know what your thoughts are on this subject...


  1. *Pretty Prety

    havent seen Avatar yet!

  2. I loved Avatar - visually stunning. I like your thought-provoking review very much! Makes you think... About the pictures: both SOOC and processed images are great - different moods. I think I love the SOOC one just a little bit more (awesome SOOC - Bravo!)

  3. Hey Fabiela, have not seen the film yet but it's on my list to see.
    You'll know some of my views already on the state we're in regarding climate change and we will need to do something pretty quick to be able to pass on a planet fit for our kids/grandchildren to live on...do we take to the streets or write to more politicians to get our views across?
    My best guess is to keep fighting the fight!
    This shot is lovely by the way, really great processing - have a Happy New Year my friend:0)

  4. Another amazing work, Fabiela!The colors and the composition are really amazing!!!
    (your blog is brilliant!!!!)
    Have a great day,
    Knight Zeisy

  5. Great image Jann. Excellent tones and focus.
    Not sure what to do here but i will give it a try. I might be calling for help!!!.

    As for Avatar, not my sort of film really. So i don't think i will be going to the flicks to see it. I hear the visual effects are amazing though.

  6. Yipeee i did it and i didn't need help.

  7. I love this photo! Haven't seen this movie yet :)

  8. People spend a lot of money to make the others aware of our planet conditions by making some kind of conferences, films etc. The truth is, they are not so sufficent to make people acutally start to care. I think that they should give that money to people who really need them or to take care about our planet. So I haven't seen this movie yet, though I know what you mean. And I love your processing here :)

  9. i love the way light incides on the petals,lovely

  10. Yep! it took 15 years for James Cameron to create the movie. Man! that's a long time. He did great directing Titanic...

    I love Avatar and yes I did reflect a lot about our planet. It sad you know because people don't take care about our planet. The movie has a postive message. =)

    hehe u went to France! sweet! got any picture of the Effiel Tower bcuz u know I've faved it...

    Enjoy ur New Year Sis =)

  11. Thanks for commenting flickr friends! :)

  12. I have not seen the film yet and am of two minds whether to or not. It looks visually amazing but from what i have gathered from the trailers and things I have seen, the story line is rather limited to say the least.

    It is sad however that that much money can be spent on a movie and not where it is really needed. I think the biggest problem that we have is that we have created a world and a set of expectations that go with it and none of us are willing to do without them. All the best intentions in the world are not going to fix the problems that we have created and I don't think the human race can ever change. Individuals can but the species as a whole will always be ruled by greed. After all, if it was not for our greed we would not have created all the things, good and bad, that we have. The very thing that makes us what we are will also be our undoing.

    Cor blimey that was all a bit... heavy. I have quite strong feelings on the subject as you may have guessed :o)

  13. excellent processing work Jann. very cinematic !!!
    as for Avatar? I have not seen yet but will catch it sometimes this weekend. Alvin and chipmunk got to go first =D
    200M to make.... yes indeed. expect a huge profit in return... all about business and money, Jann.
    anyhow, incredible technology in this movie. i am sure it will open my eyes.
    btw, the movie contains some messages to the politics with some controversy issues, I heard.


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