Wednesday, 10 August 2011

French Lavender or Taranchula Legs?

Hey everyone! Hope you are all well and doing fine? 

Well this is my first post in a long time since April this year. Summer is almost over and Autumn will be here once again! So, last week, we flew off to France for a short vacation away from English soil and the thing I was looking forward to was trying out my new macro lens, Sigma 70mm f/2.8. 

On a full-frame Nikon, its a great lens - super sharp for portraits and superb for macro images. I just wish I had a ring-flash and tripod with me at the time of shooting these wonderful, French Lavender flowers in my Mother-In-Law's garden. 

The macro shots came out better than I expected, resembling 'taranchula' legs on the top of the flowers.
Fantastic details and even the SOOC was great quality.

More shots from France coming up soon....


  1. A grand lens, I have the 150mm sigma......No good for portraits.
    The first image is beautiful.

  2. Thanks, Adrian! What's the 150mm sigma lens like? Is it a portrait lens or fixed zoom?


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