Thursday, 11 March 2010

Because of You...

Because of You..., originally uploaded by Fabiela.

One of my specialities, apart from fake tilt-shift. I haven't done one of these shots for a while, only because I need full sunlight from my kitchen window and also the time to really be creative with the angles, droplets, the colours etc. Sunshine has been a rarity in the past two months - its either cloudy, raining or snowing! Last weekend, I was blessed with some morning sunshine, even though I felt like a complete zombie - I managed to get 200 shots of this one flower in the sunlight.

Also, its sad to take shots of a dead flower stuck in a vase of water, placed on the table indoors - I much prefer taking shots of live flowers which are still rooted in the ground, dancing around in the breeze and happy! :)


  1. Outstanding work, Jann, queen of bokeh... ;)

    I like the framing very much, more than the one on flickr,

    Hope you're well my friend!

    Cheers and hugs!
    Fred :)


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