Saturday, 2 January 2010

Photoshop Challenge - My versions :)

Thanks for everyone for participating in the Challenge on my Flickr page - I hope you all had fun with transforming my SOOC images! :)

I find it just fascinating to see various processing styles of the same image and how different the moods are.

Below are my processed versions:


  1. Wow i love your processing Jann. The flower one is just perfect. Excellent work! :) These are just best ive seen from these!

  2. Oh no I forgot all about this until I saw this blog entry. I might post some late entries in th enear future. Just a bit on the busy side to do any but my own at the mo. YOur versions look great, I will have to check and see what everyone else has done

  3. Pete - No problemo - I think a lot of peeps are busy to take part in the Challenge.

  4. I LOVE your versions, friend! Outstanding, gorgeous processing. Brava!


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