Friday, 29 January 2010

Danbos Ray Of Light

Danbos Ray Of Light, originally uploaded by Fabiela™.

Mini Danbo: Hey Bro - what's going on?
Big Danbo: Not sure, but I can't see a thing!
Mini Danbo: I'm scared Bro.... Why has Fabiela put me on your head?
Big Danbo: I dunno but stop moving your feet, your making me wobble!
Mini Danbo: Sorry Bro, its just that I can't see a thing and trying to balance on your head isn't exactly easy in the dark!!
Big Danbo: Whoa! Did you see that!?
Mini Danbo: Where?! Oooh bright lights, eeek! My eyes....
Big Danbo: Stop moving about boxhead!
Mini Danbo: Sorry Bro....
Big Danbo: I'm feeling all dizzy!
Mini Danbo: Me too, I wish Fabiela would stop flashing that light on us - I'm starting to see stars now...
Big Dano: Wait..there goes another one - whoa Fabiela...take it easy girl!!!
Mini Danbo: She nearly knocked me off your head!!
Big Dano: I know...geez...that was close!!
Mini Danbo: I think she's finished now...its gone all dark again...
Big Dano: That was scary, never want to do that again!
Mini Danbo: Yeah, me too...Fabiela's cool but she's kinda crazy when she's bored!

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